Global education awareness in rural areas

Project name:
Global education awareness in rural areas

Project is financed by ESTDEV – Estonian Centre for International Development

01.08.2021 - 31.12.2022

Project manager
Ederi Ojasoo

The aim of the project is to bring world education topics to the peripheral areas in Estonia and develop an understanding of how the world and our community's everyday activities are interrelated.

The aim of the project is to throw the attention of the communities of Lake Peipsi to their consumer behavior and volunteering to take action in the global educational activities. The project will start cooperating with organizations not previously involved in global education: eg village and community societies, as well as local (catering, production) companies. As schools are often dinding communities, we try to disseminate global educational information to local communities through schools. Project involves also  Green School program activities for schools.

Activities are planning to lead environmental sustainable youth festival / café days and other public community events explaining how to make them greener and at community events organizing global education information (active learning methods, audiovisual materials, online questionnaire). The project supports inter-community learning (incl. Study trips) and the application of new knowledge in the daily work of institutions and public organizing events. The project also supports rural schools with a green school program accession.

  • The central activity of the project is conducting global educational information events in cooperation with community associations, schools, and other local cultural and educational life organizations (such as youth centers) program as well as events for local authorities and businesses. Outreach events are planned as part of an environmental or global educational event theme days or community events.
  • A web-based quiz about global education will be completed.
  • In collaboration a Green School Program information event will take place with the contact person of Tartu Nature House organization. Organized in green school seminar.
  • During the project, a blog about global educational steps will be created. Blog text area about on how to make our daily activities / public events more environmentally friendly.
  • A world educational study trip to Lake Peipsi will be organized for the representatives of the schools participating in the project.
  •  A day of inspiration, innovation, and motivation as a study trip to the countryside community enthusiasts from Southern Estonia, Lake Peipsi the region as well as around Türi Green Frog in Türi community house will be organized. The aim of the study visit is to think together about how schools and rural communities can organize their lives more wisely and sustainably. 
  • A closing event will be organized for the most active community enthusiasts, local government, and business representatives in Southern Estonia to think together how carry out global educational activities in rural areas.
  • Organising environmental friendly events we follow the instructions compiled by Tartu Nature House.

Organized events and news:
  •  A project blog about global education (in Estonian) was created, which reflects the world educational activities in Lake Peipsi and steps on how to change the daily functioning / public events more environmentally friendly.
  • Opening seminar of the prpoject " Global education awareness in rural area". Agenda (EST).
    Ederi Ojasoo, Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation – Introduction, a brief overview of the project and its activities.
    Margit Säre, Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation - Global education awareness in rural areas .
    Kadi Ploom, MTÜ Peipsimaa Turism – Lake Peipsi and environmentally friendly community activities, why do we need it ?
    Iti Aavik, Villapai OÜ - Community involvement, global education, and how they are interconnected, examples from Estonia.
    Marleen Viidul, Tartu city government the head of the culture department - Car freedom boulevard as a community event and an environmentally friendly event
    Eeva Kirsipuu-Vadi, Tartu Nature house, Green school programme coordinator Rohelise kooli programmi Eesti koordinaator- Green school program introduction, schools, and community.
  • 03.02.2022 Seminar " Environmental educational  materials and tools". Agenda of the seminar is here.
  • Web quiz "Globa educational pieces" in Estonian.
  • A study compiled by Iti Aavik " Mapping the organization of sustainable community events " (in Estonian)
  • On the 2nd of March a seminar " Environmental educational materials and tools" was organized.

  • On the 31st of August study, a day for the schools that participated in the project was organized at Peipsimaa Külastuskeskus

    • A quiz about global education PDF in estonian HERE!

    • Study day for promoters of environmental and global education / thank-you event 31.08.2022 at Peipsimaa Visitor Center in Kolkja