LARPgame about the future

Project name
Live Action Role Play“ to introduce the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Estonian Development Cooperation

02.09.2019 - 30.06.2020

Project manager
Ederi Ojasoo

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The project introduces global development and environmental problems through active engagement in Live Action Role Play for pupils in the lake Peipsi region. In the first stages of the project future players will be trained by environmental and role-playing experts to raise the pupils´ and teachers´ awareness and knowledge of the global problems and United Nations´ sustainable development goals. The culmination of the project is the role-playing game, the LARP (Live Action Role Play). It is 2-day long game to simulate in the most authentic environment the life in the future when the ecological disaster is a real. The result of the project is the perception of global problems by school children, their families and teachers. The project helps to raise public awareness of development and environmental issues.

The project  introduces to schoolchildren in the Lake Peipsi region and their teacher the global development and environmental issues through active involvement in role play. In the first stages of the project, there will be training to the interest groups. Trainings will share the knowledge of the nature of deepening global challenges and the United Nations Development Goals role in resolving them. The culmination of the project is the LARP (Live Action RolePlay, a real-life role-playing game that focus on the world situation in the future.  The result is global problems perception and direct experience by schoolchildren, their families and teachers. The project helps to keep the public’s attention and environmental issues.

What is Estonia like in 2121? Would you like to experience it? We created the game Estonia 2121 to travel to the future. In the game we created the events of the intervening 101 years and their consequences. 

In the game players are teams working in a research station that is situating in an old school building.  It is isolated from the rest of the world to revitalize the affected areas and test a new social and economic model. How to fight pollution, revitalize the ecosystem and revitalize species? How do people have to adapt with environmental changes? What could have been done differently during those 101 years to make the situation better? The aims of the game is to introduce the goals of sustainable development, to create emotional connection with topic of the game, to develop cooperation, find and implement solutions, empower young people, address environmental issues in a wider context, address ethical dilemmas, conduct tangible experiments etc.


  • Role play game Estonia 2121 in Räpina gymnasium on 7.10.2020. Eesti 2121

  • A video clip about the game:
  • 5.11.2020 LARP educational expedition to Järvselja:
- SMEAR station - Estonian University of Life Sciences and Tartu University Research Station.
- Tartu University Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences Forest Ecosystem Test Area (FAHM - Forest Ecosystem humidity manipulation experiment)
-  Forest study trail.
- Reference point of the Tõravere Observatory in Järvselja.

  • A web quiz about the sustainable development goals.
  • A computer game about the sustainable development goals.