Peipsi Ring, a cooperation project developing the network of museums in the Lake Peipsi region , was completed , giving a boost to the Heritage Trail of Peipsmaa

09. November 2022

PeipsiRing, a cooperation project for the cultural heritage of the Lake Peipsi area, contributed to the development of the cooperative network of Peipsimaa museums. In addition, it initiated the development of the Peipsimaa Heritage Trail concept and contributed to the introduction of local dialects.

The activities of the PeipsiRing project have already been implemented for a whole year. The project focused on the creation of a cooperation network of museums and heritage culture associations in the lake Peipsi area (also Peipsimaa), as well as training and information activities. The activities have supported the cooperation of lake Peipsi area communities in preserving and promoting the region's cultural and historical heritage.

A cooperation network of museums and cultural heritage centers of lake Peipsi area has been developed, trainings and study trips to the museums of both Setomaa and Northern Peipsi area have taken place. The goal has been to get more about to know each other exhibitions, programs, cooperation and marketing of museums in the region together. 

As part of the project's activities, a heritage-themed trail and a map have been completed, which provide a first overview of the museums and cultural heritage centers in lake Peipsi area and the attractions located in their vicinity, introducing the region in different dialects.

The Peipsimaa Heritage Trail map will soon be available from Peipsimaa museums and cultural heritage centers and can also be found on information boards. The online map can be found at

The videos introducing Peipsimaa and its local languages have been completed: "Peipsimaa" (the video can be found on the YouTube link: ) and "Peipsveere keelerikkus" (the video can be found on the YouTube link: ) , which is part of the extended permanent exhibition of the Peispimaa Museum and is currently visible in the permanent exhibition "Peipsi Lake Life Room".

The project's traveling exhibition "Linguistic richness of Peipsivere", which travels from one cultural center to another and provides an overview of some dialects of Peipsimaa, is also aimed at introducing local dialects. You can find an overview of the dialects and their characteristic language features at the stands introducing the dialects of different regions. You can familiarize yourself with the traveling exhibition and keep up to date with its progress at . In November, for example, is an exhibition in Räpina.

More information about the project

Project ER164 Chudskoye / Peipsi Museums Ring is implemented under the European
Neighbourhood Instrument and co-financed by the European Union.


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